BHAVIK (ભાવિક) R. SHAH
Award-Winning Culture Change Leader

Transform your workplace with a holistic culture change approach, forging a pathway for organizational success.

How you benefit: 

Bespoke solutions that not only address immediate workplace challenges but also lay the foundation for long-term productivity, innovation, organizational resilience, and greater societal impact.

About Me

Bhavik (ભાવિક) R. Shah [he/him] is an award-winning leader & culture change strategist at the intersections of mental health & DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging). Bhavik offers 16 years of demonstrated success within financial services, charter networks, and nonprofit foundations on a global scale. He channels his Gujarati South Asian immigrant roots within the AAPI community, bisexual identity within the LGBTQ+ community, and adolescent depression to partner with organizations to prioritize workplace mental health and foster cultures of inclusion. Bhavik's leadership has resulted in various awards from renowned global platforms, and he is a featured contributor in Harvard Business Review & Fast Company.

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Impact Over The Years

Client Testimonials & Case Studies

Bhavik (ભાવિક) served as the Lead Principal in developing strategic mental health & DEIB solutions, catering to clients' unique challenges across industries:

Industry: Financial Services

Impact: 100% of Ambassadors felt better equipped to support their colleagues around mental health post-training. [Global: 3,600 employees]

Industry: Biopharmaceuticals

Impact: In-depth executive training & custom on-demand employee training improved overall mental health & DEIB support.  [US: 29,000 employees]

Industry: Technology Media

Impact: Executive team was well-equipped to proactively support employee mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Global: 10,000 employees]

Industry: Technology

Impact: Successfully implemented strategic initiatives, as a direct result of clients' Capstone project from SHRM-certified executive training.  [US: 1,500 employees]

Awards & Recognitions

Bhavik (ભાવિક) has a proven track record in building strategic partnerships with executives integrating targeted approaches to create long-lasting impact. His unique expertise awarded him recognition from the following institutions: 

Did you know?

Bhavik (ભાવિક) has partnered with various nonprofits to maximize impact for diverse communities. In a recent role, Bhavik created a robust onboarding program to offer first-generation university students support in financial planning, career building, and proactive strategies for mental health. 

Bhavik has also served as a Principal at Mind Share Partners, strategically advising global organizations to support workplace mental health and creating cultures of inclusion by leading SHRM-certified executive training

One of Bhavik's most substantial roles within the workplace mental health and DEIB space was as UK Mental Health Lead at Capco, where he successfully challenged the culture to address workplace stressors to prioritize mental health, leading to various external distinctions and accolades. 

Prior, he spent 12 years of his career in financial services, delivering large-scale programs with companies such as UBS, Fidelity, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Pershing, TPICAP, and HSBC. 

"Allow your workforce to be themselves, so they can act upon their instincts and stop suppressing their true management styles." -  Bhavik (ભાવિક) R. Shah

Education & Certifications

St. John's University
Bachelors of Science in Finance - Cum Laude

MHFA England
Mental Health First Aid

Cornell University
Diversity & Inclusion Certification