"Leaders cannot control how their employees will cope with societal and generational trauma. Yet, it is their responsibility to foster environments where all employees can feel secure in raising their hands for support." Bhavik (ભાવિક) R. Shah, Harvard Business Review, "Removing the Roadblocks That First-Generation Americans Face at Work"

Culture change requires curiosity, commitment, and agility. 

Bhavik (ભાવિક) has a proven track record of evaluating DEIB efforts across organizational & management practices. 

With nearly two decades of experience, Bhavik is a seasoned management consultant & delivery lead who will meet your organization's needs through various offerings.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services

Integrate strategy & empathy to achieve culture change.

Bespoke Workshops & Leadership Training 

Upskill your leaders & create opportunities for empowerment.

Keynote Presentations & Speaker Series

Understand the future of work & how it impacts different communities.

Workplace Culture Speaker Network

Bhavik (ભાવિક) is one of ten Founding Members of the Call For Culture Speaker Network, made up of a majority of historically underrepresented voices (specifically BI-POC and LGBTQIA speakers). 

The Workplace Culture thought leadership space is saturated with sameness. Call For Culture's speaker network is your gateway to engaging exploration of complex workplace culture topics! 

Topics of Discussion: 

Lunch & Learn Programming

Bhavik (ભાવિક) has partnered with The Rise Journey to offer organizations thoughtfully designed Lunch & Learn programming for a unique curriculum that best meets your business objectives. 

Founded in 2018, The Rise Journey supports diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and accessibility (DEIBA) through the creation and implementation of sustainable and impact-driven solutions in alignment with the mission of the organization. 

Lunch & Learn Programs: