"Our workforce has a responsibility to not only provide a safe and open environment for our careers to flourish, yet also retain management that is helpful to the overall organization’s success."
Bhavik (ભાવિક) R. Shah, International Women's Day [Capco, London 2020]

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Effective Allyship - Supporting the AAPI community

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Participant Feedback

"Bhavik was very approachable. He relayed the message that he truly understands the importance of mental health at work, not just in theory."

"Bhavik was open and to the point. You could see he was a genuine person, and most importantly didn't have an air about him, as some moderators unconsciously try to show their superiority. He came across as a person like one of us, creating an instant rapport."

"It wasn't until I experienced Bhavik live that I realized what a great facilitator he is. The recorded videos don't do him justice. He gets it - our culture and the importance of this issue. He's fantastic."

"Bhavik was an awesome presenter! He was calm, and kind, and really listened to our team's commentary through the session! The balance of the listening and active roles for the audience was wonderful."

"The session was well organized--Bhavik was excellent, and he set the tone of the discussion by being open about his struggles as an immigrant and his challenges with mental health issues. People were relaxed and the breakout sessions were helpful to connect closely with colleagues. Thank you."

"Bhavik was very warm & inviting and accommodating to staff. He acknowledged the staff's various comfort levels in sharing stories. Hearing about his own mental health journey helped to connect with the audience. I would highly recommend him to facilitate another meeting on mental health."

"Bhavik was extremely considerate and talked meaningfully about these topics and how we can support ourselves and our teams better!"

"Bhavik was amazing. He was transparent, thoughtful, caring, & provided a lot of wonderful insight."

"The issue at hand is more than the overarching cultural stigma on mental health. It exposes the complacency that workplaces have boldly embraced as the status quo—blatantly ignoring our mental health as long as we remain high performers."

Bhavik (ભાવિક) R. Shah, Thrive Global "The Indian Community Is Grappling With Our Mental Health, And We Desperately Need Help" [Response to COVID-19 Delta Surge in India]

"We shouldn't bully anyone for being different or having a unique identity. It's important to be supportive of your classmates because you may not fully know what they are going through. Be kind to them, and be kind to yourself." 

Bhavik (ભાવિક) speaking at UK local schools, to create a bullying-free environment for all LGBTQ+ students, as a Diversity Role Model.

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