Hello friends, here's my story!

Born and raised in New York, as a first-generation bisexual child of Gujarati South Asian immigrants, the journey and importance surrounding mental health began at a young age. Navigating through adolescence and forming my own career path, I wore my parents’ sense of altruism as a badge of honor. I realized that I stood on the foundation of their sacrifice. After decades of struggling with depression, self-worth, and assimilating into a society that was never intended for people like me, I came to a very important conclusion: I did not have to conform to society's antiquated blueprint, and neither do you. 

My work and life mission now is split into two main pillars: Education & Accountability. Leveraging my financial services and consulting expertise, I advise organizations and leaders across industries to highlight their responsibility in supporting mental health and creating a culture of inclusion for all. Marginalized and BIPOC communities (specifically the AAPI community) have been socialized to believe assimilation is the only route to success. This narrative must change. Complacency is no longer an option. 

I believe in order to create sustainable change, we must continue to lean into discomfort and challenge our environments - so we are no longer silent bystanders to injustice. There is power in our collective voices, and the time to use it is now.